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Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen

Look to the Upper Danube Valley

Tour group in the Black Forest

We offer guided tours/tour packages around Lake Constance on various topics: 

Island of Reichenau,
romanic church St. Georg

Reichenau and Mainau Island

Visit the monastery-and-vegetable-Island and UNESCO World-Heritage Site. Visiting churches and a lookout point. 

Gladly we plan for you your visit to the flower Island of Mainau including entrance tickets and guided tours, according to your wishes.

Half-day tour with the Rhine shipping or private or public transport.

Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen

Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen (Switzerland)

With guided tours in Schaffhausen (Monastery of All-Saints with Schiller Cloche and Munot Fortress) and Stein am Rhein. 

Day trip with Rhine shipping and visit of the spectacular Rhine Falls with Castle Laufen. 

Castle of Gottlieben, on the Seerhein


Radolfzell, Peninsula of Höri, Gailingen, Diessenhofen (CH), and Stein am Rhein (Switzerland), with guided tours and visit of the the Hermann-Hesse-Höri-Museum in Gaienhofen.

Detour to the exclave Büsingen (completely surrounded by Switzerland), short hike on the exclave path where you can learn about the follies of exklave existence.

Opportunities to go shopping in the factory outlet centers Seemaxx in Radolfzell.

Day trip by boat and private or public transport.


Meersburg, Überlingen, pile dwellings of Unteruhldingen and Friedrichshafen

Guided city tours, castle tours, and Zeppelin Museum. 

Also in combination with a visit to the Lenk-Relief in Bodman-Ludwigshafen and/or the Lake-of-Constance water extraction point in Sipplingen, out of which about four million people are being supplied with drinking water in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Not to be missed on this tour should be the museum of pile dwellings in Unteruhldingen. During a guided tour you can understand how the local people lived around 6000 years ago*.

Day trip by boat service.

* If you are interested in more informations about the pile dwellings of the Lake Constance, please click HERE.

"Meersburg is somnolent, full of a somewhat faded beauty, careless of tourists and refreshingly quiet after the comparative bustle of large and busy Constance. … Hotel Seehof afforded a good opportunity of observing the night-life of Meersburg; and lake fish and some excellent Meersburger wine engendered inward satisfaction and the righteous feeling of being at peace with all the world.“

(Pilar/Chapman-Husten: Bavaria the uncomparable, London 1934) 


Island-City of Lindau and Bregenz (Austria)

Boat trip to Lindau and Bregenz, from Bregenz with the funicular to the Pfänder (1064 meters above sea level, with fantastic views over the Lake of Constance).

Visit of the location of the Bregenz Opera Festival (and the scene of a spectacular James Bond scene) and the Kunsthaus Bregenz, one of the leading exhibition venues in Europe. With guided city tours.

Day trip by boat service.

Foto©Roland Hertsch

Garden tour Untersee

This tour takes you from the Herb Garden of Walahfrid Strabo (abbot of the monastery of Reichenau in the 9th century) to the Gardens of Hermann Hesse (Gaienhofen) and Otto Dix (Hemmenhofen). 

You will visit the castle grounds around the Napoleon Arenenberg Castle (CH Salenstein), Wolfsberg Castle (CH Ermatingen) and Freudenfels Castle (CH Eschenz).

We will head through truly splendid gardens around the Untersee. There is also the possibility to visit private gardens.

Half-day or day trip by boat and own or public transport. Also very suitable for a bike ride.

Look from the Hohentwiel
Foto©Roland Hertsch

Hegau Highlights

Spectacular nature and culture.

Impressive volcano cone, tour of the Fortress Ruins of Hohentwiel (oldest fortress ruins), the Paleolithic Cave Kesslerloch near Thayngen and the open Air Roman Estate Museum at Büßlingen. 

Detour to the Ice-Age Park and Peterfelsen and then to the headwaters of the Aach (exit of the Danube drainage, European watershed).

Guided tour of the old town of Engen under preservation order and, if desired, short hike to Mägdeberg.

Day tour with own or public transport.

Bregenz Lakeside Theatre in 2019 with "Rigoletto"

Bregenz, Pfänder and Bregenz Forest (Austria)

Rides on the cable car to the Pfänder (1064 meters above sea level, with fantastic views over Lake Constance!) and the mountain-railway Diedamskopf (2000 masl).

Guided tour in Bregenz including the location of the Kunsthaus Bregenz and the Bregenz Opera Festival

Combined with a small hike in the Bregenzerwald and / or on the so-called "Cheese Route" with a visit to a cheese factory. 

Day trip by boat service.

Castle of Heiligenberg

Salem, Linzgau and the Valley of Deggenhausen

Trip to the "outback" of Lake Constance.

Visit of the Castles of Salem and Heiligenberg. Visit of the Affenberg in Salem and the relief of the artist Peter Lenk in Bodman-Ludwigshafen. Short hike in the valley Deggenhausen.

Visit of the observation tower on the Gehrenberg (754 m hight) at Markdorf, with a fantastic view over the lake.

Day tour by boat and private or public transport.

Ravensburg, Mehlsack-Tower

Upper Swabia Baroque Road

In direction of Upper Swabia along the Upper Swabian Baroque Road. 

Guided tours in Ravensburg, Weingarten and Tettnang. Visit to the Basilica in Weingarten, the largest Baroque church north of the Alps. 

Visit of the Alamanni Museum in Weingarten and / or the Hop Museum in Tettnang. 

Day tour with own or public transport.

Bridge over the river Thur 
Foto©Patrick Brauns

Thurgau (Switzerland)

In the Swiss canton of Thurgau, also popularly known for its many orchards as 'Cider India'.

Guided tours in Kreuzlingen and Frauenfeld. Visit of the Carthusian monastery Ittingen with the Art Museum Thurgau

Visit of the castle Gottlieben on Seerhein. Half day tour by boat and private or public transport.

St. Gallen, Switzerland

Principality of Liechtenstein and St. Gallen (Switzerland)

To the Principality of Liechtenstein and St. Gallen (UNESCO World Heritage). 

City tour in St. Gallen, visiting the Cathedral and the Abbey Library. Ride with the Trogener-Railroad to the Vögelinsegg.

Could be combined with a short hike on the High Trail of Eggen.

City tour in Vaduz, capital of Liechtenstein, with a ride in the city train and chairlift ride to Malbun (1600 m). Opportunity to visit the Stamp Museum in Vaduz and achieving the Liechtenstein Souvenir Postmark.

Day tour with own or public transport.

The Säntis mountain


Säntis (2500 m, with monorail), including city tours of St. Gallen and Bischofszell, the latter being the 'City of Roses' in Thurgau. 

Visit of a cheese factory in Appenzell. 

Day tour with own or public transport. Available with small hike in the nature park Santis. 



By cable car to the Hoher Kasten (1794 m asl) in the Alpstein Massif. Visit of the Museum Appenzell and a cheese factory. 

Walking tour in Arbon, with a visit of the Roman fort. 

In combination with a short hike and/or a visit to St. Gallen. 

Day tour with own or public transport.


Zurich and Winterthur

To Zurich and Winterthur with guided city tours. 

Opportunities to visit the zoo in Zurich, the Technorama in Winterthur and/or shopping in the picturesque streets of Zurich.

Day tour with own or public transport.


Black Forest

Hike in the canyon of Wutach, the so-called 'Grand Canyon of the Black Forest' and sightseeing in Freiburg. Visit to the Lake Titisee with boat trip.

Day trip by train or own transport.

Castle of Hohenzollern

Day tour with private vehicle.

Swabian Alb

Visit a olutional cave and geological hike in the region of Zollernalb to a spectacular vantage point on an escarpment called 'Albtrauf'.

Visit the Hohenzollern Castle in Hechingen, the ancestral castle of the earlier kings of Prussia and of the last German emperors.

Upper Danube Valley

Upper Danube Valley

Visit of the Benedictine Monastery Beuron, the castle ruin of Falkenstein, the Danube Sinkhole in Fridingen, the Hohenzollern Castle Sigmaringen and the Römermuseum Mengen-Ennetach. 

Could be combined with a canoe trip on the Danube and / or a hike to the Danube Aperture through the Swabian Alb.

Day tour with own or public transport.

The Queens of the Allgovia

Wurttembergian Allgovia I and Upper Swabia (Southern Tour)

Guided tours of Wangen and Isny. Visit of the museums in the Eselsmühle in Wangen and a show cheese dairy.

Combined with a small hike in Isny to the Schwarze Grat (1,116 m above sea level, lookout point with views over the Alps and Lake Constance).

Day tour with own or public transport.

Castle of Waldburg between Ravensburg and Wangen /Allgovia

Wurttembergian Allgovia II and Upper Swabia (Northern Tour)

Towards Bad Wurzach, Kißlegg, and Wolfegg. 

Short hike through the nature reserve Wurzacher Ried (largest intact upland moor in Europe with a unique flora and fauna), visit of the Wurzach Castle.

Opportunity to visit the Moor Spa Bath with hot springs and the alpaca breeding in Bad Wurzach.

Visit of to the baroque church in Kisslegg and of the New Castle. In Wolfegg, visit of the Car and / or the Farmhouse Museum. 

Day tour with own or public transport.

Danube sinkhole
Foto©Erwin Ulmer

European watershed and Danube sinkhole

European Watershed and Donube Sinkhole at Immendingen.

Short walk to the percolation point, then continue to the so-called 'Aachtopf', from where the Danube water is leaking out again - to flow towards the Lake of Constance and the Rhine.

Day tour with own or public transport.

Market hall in Altenrhein, from Friedensreich Hundertwasser


An architectural tour through the architecture of the 20th century, around the lake, including the market hall Altenrhein, a building according to the idea and concept of the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

3-country tour, day tour by boat and private or public transport.

Castle of Meersburg 

Castles and fortresses on Lake Constance...

... from the Middle Ages to the Baroque. 

Did you know that the lake has the highest concentration of castles and fortresses in Germany?

Full-day or half-day trip, depending on the number and location of castles and fortresses.

Antipasti, Hundwiler Höhe
Foto©Patrick Brauns

Gourmet-Tour around Lake Constance

Try and enjoy the local specialties and delicacies, which are being produced by the mild climate of the region ... in solid and/or liquid form. Let yourself be surprised by the variety or tell us your culinary cravings!

Could be combined with a short hike (reduction of calories!) and with the wine tour, whereby we won't ignore the landmarks!

Full-day or half-day tour with private or public transport.

Tavern in Constance

Wine-Tour around Lake Constance

"Connoisseurs drink Württemberg" and "Baden wine is pampered by the sun", such are the promises of advertising.

And there's yet the famous Müller-Thurgau, which has its origins in the lovely Swiss canton of Thurgau.

See for yourself at wine tastings in select wineries around the lake.Combined with walking tours in Meersburg, Constance or Überlingen and the gourmet tour.

Half- or full-day tour by boat, private or public transport.

The most expensive bridge
of the world, near Singen: 
1.520.940.901.926.024 Mark

Records and superlatives around Lake Constance

Half day tour to places with records in the district of Constance.

Using one's own or public transport.

Foto©Patrick Brauns

Outlet-Tour around Lake Constance

Enjoy your stay by means of an extended shopping tour! 

There are numerous offers around the lake: outlet centers of renowned clothing manufacturers. 

Day tour with private vehicle.

Please consider our tour packages as proposals.

If you prefere something else instead of a city tour, visiting a museum, or hiking, we would like to propose an alternative quite spontaneously.

Maybe your day trip will take place on a rainy day and you would not rejoice to be out there so much. Or maybe it's a very hot day, and the Lake is attracting you to go for a swim ...

You could also combine two of the tours (eg 'castles-tour' and 'wine tour'). Of course, geographic proximity is a prerequisite, in order to be able to master the tour in one day. And at any moment, our tour guide will indicate the interesting landmarks for you.

And finally, we will not let you starve, of course! We would be happy to schedule a restaurant visit during your tour according to your needs and desires. Or would you prefer to hold a picnic? Then we would take you to a nice place!

Prices for tours (from Constance)*:

Half day (up to 5 hours)

from  200.00 €

Full day (up to 8 hours)

from  250.00 €

* Prices valid for bookings until 31/12/2020

The prices are valid for a day or half-day tour guide from Constance. They are plus VAT, but not including costs for admission, transportation or meals. The latter vary depending on group size and program attendance. 

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Alphorn blowers in Appenzell
Foto©Patrick Brauns

Typical house in Appenzell

Cable railway to the Pfänder

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