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SEE-GUIDE - Your team for city tours in Constance and guided tours around the Lake Constance - since 25 years!   °   Tel. (+49)7531-284 6643   °   Cel.  (+49)176 - 508 298 09

City tours with a lot of fun!

City tours with a lot of fun!

Schnetztor and Hus-Museum

Schnetztor and Hus-Museum

Medieval city tour with Mrs. Konstanze

Medieval city tour with Mrs. Konstanze

"A clever man finds the best education while travelling."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship (1796)

Our SEE-GUIDE- team -  class instead of mass!

We are a group of independent city and travel guides from Constance. Our team consists without exception of experienced and competent staff members. Every one of us is able to accompany your travel group in several languages topics.

The precondition for our See-Guide staff members is a long-term experience in the area of tourism, a relevant university degree, and, above all, an excellent knowledge of our region. This enabled us to to have an accurate grasp of the historical and regional background and convey it in a comprehensible way. Only then we will be able to offer you an above-average quality in all our city and guided tours. Unfortunately, the designations "city guide" oder "tourist guide" are not legally defined in Germany and protected by law, what lead to abusive use, although within the relevant community these terms are generally understood to refer only to graduates of standard university degree programmes.

Many years of experience, reliability, intelligence, empathy, professionalism, humour, fresh ideas, and last not least a continuous qualification, that makes us special in our offer. We deliver what we promise!

We also offer internships for students of Tourism Management / Tourism Business Administrator /  Travel Management. Please apply here.

Sylvia Grossmann

Sylvia Grossmann 

Political scientist, sociologist and historian

Has been on the road as a tour guide since more than 20 years.

Trained by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, she's on the move as a tour guide since 1994. In 2012 she founded her own travel company See-Guide

After more than 10 years working in Latin America, with travel management across the South American continent, she has returned to Lake Constance, feeling like a fish in the water (of the Lake Constance).

As a native Swabian, she has a passion for the Swabian Alb, Upper Swabia and the Danube valley.

Manuel Picard

Manuel Picard

Historian and linguist

He grew up on the Lake of Constance, his mother tongue is French, but he also speaks fluent English, Spanish and, of course, German.

His specialisations are the history of the Council of Constance and also the traces of the French nation, the Jewish history and the culture of the Lake of Constance.

Dr. Patrick Brauns

Dr. Patrick Brauns

Author of travel books and also guide of the Lake Constance, linguist and political scientist

Raised in the Black Forest, the Bavarian Alps, and the Taunus encounter. For over 30 years, he has now been living on Lake Constance and has been working as a freelance journalist and tour guide. He is also volunteering as Lake-Constance-Ambassador, member of the Architecture Forum Konstanz-Kreuzlingen, and the German Alpine Club.

He is passionate about languages ​​(especially regional) and (local) names, and he has also a special eye for the architectural beauties and curiosities of the region.

As an author, he has written nearly a dozen of books, with titles like 'The Mountains Call. Alps, Language, Myths', 'The Lake Constance-ABC. From Aach to Zeppelin', '1000 Tips concerning the Lake Constance', and, known as the so-called Swabian Guide, 'Constance At Awesome Low-Cost', 'Summit Happiness' and, last but not least, his most recent book '101 Lake-Constance-Places to Linger', which made him nationally well-known. He is one of the best experts of the Lake and the Alps.

Marvin Grossmann

Fulfilled his first city tours in the belly of his mother and, as a baby, in the kangoroo pouch. Meanwhile, he's our promising offspring and student of historical and economic science. He still does not know everything, but he's working on this. Burn and grown up in Constance, he specialises in guided tours for schoolchildren and wine tours.

Judith Wehr

Political scientist, foundress of GREENTOURS 

Inventor of the first guided tour that focussed specially on the issue of sustainability

She wants to gain people in a positive way for a environment-friendly way of life, so that sustainability isn't only a theme for people with higher income and academics, but also for the mainstream society.

Luise Merle

Graduate sculptress and painter, teacher of art, art history and English

As an independent artist and experienced art pedagogue she offers city tours in Constance with integrated drawing lessons.

After successfully finishing the course of studies on the Edinburgh College of Art she’s working as an independent artist, teaching on private schools in Switzerland during the last 10 years. With her own school of arts FARBENFROH ("colourful") she’s offering drawing and painting lessons for beginners and advanced learners. 

Moreover, numerous experienced guides for city tours and tours around the Lake Constance are at our disposal, some of them with specific themes and languages. Ask us!

In the herb garden of Wahlafried Strabo, Reichenau

In the herb garden of Wahlafried Strabo, Reichenau

View from the Isle of Mainau

View from the Isle of Mainau

The Sweden-tower on the Isle of Mainau       

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